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Graphite Express-Conference

February 23, 2012: 2-4pm, Hotel Vancouver

Graphite is the next strategic mineral

Discover why you need to know all about Graphite

Compact, Efficient 2-hour Format

Thank you to all who attended the Graphite Express Conference Vancouver

The turn out for the Graphite Express Conference was a fantastic indicator of interest in this strategic metal. Thank you to the attendees, our keynote speaker Chris Berry, the presenting companies and our sponsors for helping to create such an informative session.

Register for the Graphite Express Conference in Toronto May 2nd at the Sheraton Hotel.

Please feel free to download the following materials from the Vancouver conference.

Zimtu Capital Corp

Lomiko Metals Inc

Focus Metals Inc

Solace Resources Corp

Northern Graphite Corp

Strike Graphite Corp

Cedar Mountain Exploration Inc

Standard Graphite Corp