Sunday 25th August 2019

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Nutrien acknowledges 34 workers trapped underground

They reportedly have sufficient food, water and air, and there’s no fire or other danger looming….

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MGX Renewables introduces new fuel cell, anticipates July trading

Having completed its spin-out from a parent company, gained conditional listing approval and closed a financing, a new company prepares to bring new technology to the green energy market….

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Nunavut art, Nunavut gold celebrate Nunavut anniversary

A bit late for the April 1 birthday but an impressive work just the same, the Royal Canadian Mint has unveiled its latest collector coin commemorating Nunavut’s creation….

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June 25th, 2019, 2:21 pm

An infographic intro into in-situ mining

An infographic intro to in-situ mining

When most people think of mining they think of massive open pits or deep underground tunnels. But there is one mining method that does not move a rock and leaves the landscape as is….

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New neodymium and dysprosium sources needed by 2030 to avert shortages: Adamas Intelligence

As the U.S.-China trade conflict intensifies concern about critical metals, Adamas Intelligence publishes a readable guide to rare earths—what they are, where they come from and what they’re used for….

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92 Resources to explore polymetallic potential of Quebec’s James Bay region

Lithium, gold, copper and molybdenum are among the goals of a program that begins next month at 92 Resources’ TSXV:NTY Corvette-FCI project….

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The U.S. includes Canada and other allies in its critical minerals strategy

The country’s tariff tactics might present an image of Fortress America battling its adversaries, but a new critical minerals strategy advocates greater co-operation between the U.S. and its friends….

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U.S. electric vehicle sales 2010 to 2019

It’s challenging to get ahead, but it’s even harder to stay ahead….

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Ximen Mining gold acquisition continues southern B.C. expansion

Adding to its portfolio of southern British Columbia past-producers, Ximen Mining TSXV:XIM announced the 100% acquisition of the former Amelia gold operation….

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Conscription, colonization, a gold-backed buck Some Conrad Black remedies for Canada

Here’s a guy who wants to make this country a “world-important nationality”—in other words, to put Canada on the map….

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