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The seven best COVID-19 info sources Visual Capitalist has discovered so far

by Jeff Desjardins | posted with permission of Visual Capitalist | March 24, 2020

With all eyes on the COVID-19 pandemic and how its impact will be felt over the coming weeks and months, people are being bombarded with all kinds of noise and speculation.

Between a deadly virus, looming economic effects and numerous government shutdowns, it’s clear that a fertile breeding ground has been created for misinformation, rumours, conspiracy theories, hot takes and other potentially misleading content.


Seven indispensable COVID-19 resources

Visual Capitalist’s goal is to use data-driven visuals to explain the world around us.

In the last week alone, more than 10 million people visited— many of them trying to understand more about COVID-19 and its effects on the economy and society.

With that in mind, Visual Capitalist curated a list of quality information on the virus and its impact. These COVID-19 resources are all from fact-driven, reliable sources, with some of them even being created by Visual Capitalist and shared to its free daily mailing list.

The list below starts with the more contextual resources (understanding how the virus works, pandemic history, etc.) and then progresses to real-time dashboards and up-to-date data.

Click any image below to see the full resource or dashboard. Many are updated daily or in real time.


1. How coronaviruses work

What is a coronavirus, and how does COVID-19 fit into the mix?

This educational scrolling infographic by SCMP walks you through some of the more familiar types of coronaviruses, how they spread and how they affect the human body.

It also relates COVID-19 to other coronaviruses that cause diseases such as Mers, Sars and even the common cold.


2. The history of pandemics

On March 11 the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic.

This infographic looks at the data to show you the history of pandemics—all the way from the Black Death to COVID-19. It helps give the historical context on how bad a pandemic can be. It’s also updated every day so you can see how COVID-19 compares with the impact of these previous events.


3. Coronavirus simulator: Limiting the exponential spread

Coronavirus Simulator

Why does the virus spread at an exponential rate, and what techniques can be used to mitigate that spread?

This fantastic interactive page by the Washington Post actively simulates what happens when the virus spreads normally, contrasting it with how it may spread in a forced quarantine environment or when social distancing is practised.


4. Real-time COVID-19 map

If you haven’t seen this useful real-time dashboard by Johns Hopkins University yet, it’s worth bookmarking right now.

It has the latest numbers for COVID-19 cases, deaths, recoveries and more—and it’s all sorted by country and/or state and province. Importantly, it also updates in real time, so you always know you are getting the latest numbers.


5. Which countries are “flattening the curve”?

Visual Capitalist’s post on which countries are “flattening the curve” has had over a million views in the last week alone, and it features the above interactive graph from Our World in Data.

Go to the post itself to see a bigger version of the logarithmic chart, which plots the progress of different countries in flattening the curves of COVID-19 infections. The interactive chart updates daily based on the latest numbers, and you can actually find any country by using the search button. Using the filters on the right side, you can sort by region as well.


6. Tracking the coronavirus: The latest figures

Tracking the Coronavirus: The Latest Figures as it Spreads

Even though the Financial Times is a subscription-based website, it recently published this useful COVID-19 dashboard and made it accessible to everyone.

It features various charts and tables on the countries affected, as well as ongoing assessments on the economic damage caused by the virus. Like many of the other COVID-19 resources featured on this list, it is updated on a daily basis.


7. COVID-19 stats and research

The above graphic is one of many available on Our World in Data, a fantastic initiative led by economist Max Roser.

The site’s coronavirus research page has tons of stats, citations and data for those who want to dive deeper into the situation. It’s also updated very regularly.


Bonus: The coronavirus explained, and what you should do

While this is less data-driven than the other pieces of content, this animated video by Kurzgesagt still provides a handy explainer on how the virus works.

It’s about eight minutes long, and might help you fill other knowledge gaps.


Please share these resources.

At a time when misinformation can be dangerous and even deadly, it is worth spreading the above COVID-19 resources to your friends, family and colleagues.

Many of the above resources are updated daily or they contain evergreen information, meaning they are not going to go out of date any time soon.

Posted with permission of Visual Capitalist.

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