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Saville Resources to examine fluorspar potential of Quebec niobium-tantalum-phosphate project

by Greg Klein | November 26, 2019

One long-term indication for fluorspar demand can be seen in China, which has become a net importer of the critical mineral despite being the world’s largest producer. Partly for that reason, Saville Resources TSXV:SRE now intends to evaluate that overlooked aspect of its Niobium Claim Group in northern Quebec.

Saville Resources to examine fluorspar potential of Quebec niobium-tantalum-phosphate project

Last spring the property underwent its first drill program in nine years, with results released in June for niobium, tantalum and phosphate. The core has yet to be assayed for fluorine. Yet drilling from 2008 and 2010 at the property’s Mallard prospect does show historic, non-43-101 grades as high as 31.6% calcium fluoride over 20.8 metres and 26.1% CaF2 over 32.4 metres.

Along with other promising intersections, the results suggest potential for a significant fluorspar zone, the company states. As a result, Saville says it “intends to further evaluate the fluorite potential at Mallard and incorporate such exploration initiatives within its overall exploration approach for niobium, which remains the focus.”

Saville operates the project under a 75% earn-in from Commerce Resources TSXV:CCE, which holds the Ashram rare earths deposit two kilometres away. Earlier this month Commerce announced lab tests to upgrade fluorspar from Ashram to higher-priced acidspar grade and study the extraction of additional rare earths from fluorspar concentrate. The work will be incorporated into Ashram’s pre-feasibility study and also produce samples to meet industry requests.

Fluorspar would add another critical mineral to both companies’ projects. Along with niobium, tantalum and rare earths, fluorspar made the list of 35 critical minerals compiled by the U.S. as that country pays heightened attention to their economic and strategic importance. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, China produced over 60% of world fluorspar supply last year.

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Historic, non-43-101 results from Saville Resources’ Mallard prospect:

Hole EC08-015

  • 33% CaF2, 0.34% Nb2O5, 49 ppm Ta2O5 and 4.3% P2O5 over 13.8 metres, starting at 187.8 metres in downhole depth


  • 31.6% CaF2, 0.32% Nb2O5, 105 ppm Ta2O5 and 5% P2O5 over 20.8 metres, starting at 202.4 metres


  • 14.8% CaF2, 0.17% Nb2O5, 63 ppm Ta2O5 and 3.3% P2O5 over 6.2 metres, starting at 248.4 metres


  • 26.1% CaF2, 0.39% Nb2O5, 63 ppm Ta2O5 and 4.2% P2O5 over 32.4 metres, starting at 203.9 metres
  • (including 38.8% CaF2, 0.27% Nb2O5, 42 ppm Ta2O5 and 3.8% P2O5 over 5 metres)


  • 21.7% CaF2, 0.22% Nb2O5, 91 ppm Ta2O5 and 4.3% P2O5 over 29 metres, starting at 275 metres
  • (including 39.8% CaF2, 0.27% Nb2O5 and 4.9% P2O5 over 6.6 metres)


  • 17.3% CaF2, 0.25% Nb2O5, 61 ppm Ta2O5 and 4.1% P2O5 over 5.7 metres, starting at 171.3 metres

  • 21.7% CaF2, 0.34% Nb2O5, 64 ppm Ta2O5 and 4.4% P2O5 over 14.3 metres, starting at 249 metres

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