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Minerals and metals become “personalities” in Canadian mining campaign

by Greg Klein | November 21, 2018


It’s all part of a plan to increase public awareness, foster innovation, encourage participation and secure Canada as a global mining leader. They’re serious goals but one of the strategies to achieve them sounds like fun—Natural Resources Canada intends to promote mining knowledge with an entertaining look at one metal or mineral each week. Gold was first, nickel’s about to come and others will follow on Twitter @NRCan and on the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan website.

The site presents videos, podcasts, infographics, articles and charts about specific mining products, their uses, markets and prices, most of it intended for a general audience. Visitors learn more about how much our lives rely on mining products, how they support our economy, about exploration and mining practices, and about community and native involvement.

The plan came into being last year after mining ministers across the country called for a program to solidify Canada’s place in the mining world. Considering the views of industry, natives and the public, the plan “will include a series of specific and co-ordinated actions that can be pursued by federal, provincial and territorial governments to reach stated goals.” The agenda calls for a formal plan to be released next year.

See the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan website.


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