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Can fake diamonds prop up this bra’s padded price?

by Greg Klein | November 12, 2018

They’re not real. So will all that hype about the diamond-studded Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra simply result in a big flop? The question arises after an expert’s appraisal determined the garment’s price has no foundation.

The lingerie purveyor’s been promoting its fantasy bra by emphasizing a $1-million price tag supposedly justified by over 2,100 diamonds totalling 71 carats strung together with silver. But the stones are Swarovski Created Diamonds, a prominent name in the lab-grown diamond world but lab-grown diamonds nonetheless. That has at least one gemologist challenging Victoria Secret’s price.

Can fake diamonds prop up this bra’s padded price?

Prior to its runway debut, model Elsa Hosk
shows the $1-million bra on the Today Show.

“The overvaluation of the bra is very clear because of what we know about the price of synthetic diamonds,” Grant Mobley told Page Six Style. “Currently selling for $800 per carat, the reported 71 carats included in the bra would only be worth $56,800. When you add the price of the stones to the cost of workmanship and the price of the metal, the total value would still be far below six figures.”

Bolstering the case for genuine gems, he added: “Only natural diamonds from the earth would put the value of the bra into the millions of dollars, as in past shows.”

Page Six had previously noted that Victoria’s Secret priced its 2017 fantasy bra, Champagne Nights, at $2 million. That one enhanced its contents with 600 carats of genuine diamonds, along with yellow sapphires and blue topaz set in 18-karat gold.

Even more pricey apparel comes to consumers from Passion Jewellers Dubai. Costing $17 million, a pair of high heels made of leather, silk, gold and 236 diamonds that include two 15-carat flawless D stones constitute “the world’s most expensive shoes,” Barron’s reports.

Now on display in EU size 36 at Dubai’s not-terribly-frugal Burj Al Arab Hotel, the Passion Diamond Shoes will also be available in custom sizes.

The previous record for fantasy footwear was $15.1 million, paid a year ago for a custom-designed pair fashioned from diamonds, gold-painted leather and 18-karat gold thread, Barron’s added.

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