Sunday 20th September 2020

Resource Clips

Is sub-prime auto loan Armageddon coming? GoldSeek
Ten charts that show why gold is undervalued right now Stockhouse
Can producers push through titanium dioxide price hikes in 2018? Industrial Minerals
20 positive trends to make you feel good about 2018
Magmatic arc hydrothermal systems: An introduction Geology for Investors
Jayant Bhandari dumps on democracy and the Third World, praises colonialism and east Asia, discusses investment strategies SmallCapPower
Another uranium company to slash production in 2018 Streetwise Reports
Rise of the lithium-ion battery megafactories: What does 2018 hold? Benchmark Mineral Intelligence
Q2 energy metals earnings review—crunch time for the lithium majors The Disruptive Discoveries Journal

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