Sunday 20th September 2020

Resource Clips

Debt drives gold more than geopolitical events; Bitcoin still a speculative investment more than a store of value, says Sprott’s Trey Reik SmallCapPower
U.S. in worse financial shape than Russia or China GoldSeek
What Nobel Prize winner Richard Thaler says about economics and markets
Silver underperforms compared with gold Streetwise Reports
Raw materials, consolidation troubling refractory makers Industrial Minerals
China builds graphite anode megafactories for the lithium-ion battery surge Benchmark Mineral Intelligence
Car manufacturers are electrifying copper, “the metal of the future” Stockhouse
Looking at Vatic Ventures’ potash project in Thailand Geology for Investors
Q2 energy metals earnings review—crunch time for the lithium majors The Disruptive Discoveries Journal

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