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Cheers to geology’s greatest gift

by Greg Klein | April 18, 2017

Thanks to the Vancouver chapter of a group that unites two essential endeavours, an important dispatch from earlier this month gets wider circulation. Mining 4 Beer distributed this Forbes exclusive by David Bressan entitled Geology Is Beer’s Best Kept Secret. A geologist himself, Bressan uses his expertise to explain the almost infinite varieties of this wondrous substance. It’s the surrounding rocks and minerals that give each source of water its distinctive qualities that, in turn, distinguishes each brand of beer.

Cheers to geology’s greatest gift

Few occupational groups appreciate this
product of geology as much as geologists.

“Geologists love beer for a simple reason—it makes you think a lot about geology,” Bressan maintains. Taken in sufficient quantities, of course, it makes you think about a lot of other stuff as well. Or, blissfully, about nothing at all, prior to passing out in peaceful repose.

Meanwhile from history, medicine and a Titanic drunk come insights into the potential lifesaving qualities of drink. In February the National Post related some practical advice on how to better survive getting stabbed, shot or swept away at sea.

This approach might also withstand many of life’s other adversities. As the mining and exploration industry faces constant challenges from such hostile forces as weather, wildlife, markets and regulatory agencies, sensible precautions seem justified on an ongoing basis.

While diamonds and gold evoke beauty and wealth, base metals build crucial infrastructure and energy minerals power our civilization, we should pause to note—and drink a toast to—geology’s greatest gift of all.

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