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Lab work evaluates Voltaic Minerals’ potential for domestic U.S. lithium

by Greg Klein | April 11, 2017

A California lab now has lithium extraction tests underway that could prove productive for Voltaic Minerals’ (TSXV:VLT) Green Energy property in Utah, as well as other lithium brine projects. Lithium Selective Technologies has begun work on an artificial brine similar to that determined by historic fluid analysis at Green Energy. With a team comprising 85 years of related experience, LiST endeavours to find a selection process for non-conventional brines.

Lab work evaluates Voltaic Minerals’ potential for domestic U.S. lithium

Selective extraction could open Utah’s potential
for unconventional sources of lithium brine.

The result could open lithium brine potential closer to Tesla’s Gigafactories, without relying on the huge evaporation ponds and exceedingly dry climate that characterize South American deposits.

“If successful, this process could create value from known resources in the U.S. and globally,” said Tom Currin. A 35-year chemical engineer, the Voltaic project manager and LiST principal has extensive experience in lithium projects and selective extraction. “The company is incorporating selective techniques used commercially in mineral extraction and water treatment in a novel fashion to achieve a result not yet seen in the lithium process sector.”

Phase I would take about 90 days and should provide enough data for the two companies to sign a definitive agreement to further develop and market the process.

Last week Voltaic announced an agreement with Stormcrow Capital to provide strategic, technical and business support. Led by Jon Hykawy, a physicist with an MBA in marketing who’s a recognized expert in critical and energy minerals, Stormcrow will introduce Voltaic to potential investors and partners, as well as offer technical analysis regarding selective extraction.

Historic oil and gas exploration data shows lithium-bearing brine originating from clastic units on the 1,683-hectare Green Energy property. Voltaic’s next steps include re-opening the wellheads to conduct sampling, expected to begin in spring or summer.

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