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Dunnedin Ventures wraps up summer field work, expands Nunavut diamond property

by Greg Klein | October 4, 2016

Encouraged by last year’s success, Dunnedin Ventures TSXV:DVI expanded both its till sampling program and property size at the Kahuna diamond project in Nunavut. On October 4 the company announced completion of 1,111 till samples, approximately 10 times the amount taken in 2015. Dunnedin also staked another 25,000 hectares, bringing the property size to around 60,000 hectares and its border within about 10 kilometres of Meliadine, where Agnico Eagle Mines TSX:AEM sees gold production potentially starting in 2020.

Dunnedin Ventures wraps up summer field work, expands Nunavut diamond property

Some diamonds from the Notch kimberlite
between 0.6 and 0.85 millimetres.

“Last year’s program effectively identified several new potentially diamond-bearing kimberlite pipe and dyke targets,” commented CEO Chris Taylor. “The much larger 2016 program was implemented to expand upon existing diamond indicator mineral trains and to identify additional prospective diamond sources through testing the down-ice mineral signatures of geophysically interpreted kimberlite pipes and dykes across the property.”

Dunnedin uses sampling techniques and proprietary mineral chemistry filters pioneered by company adviser Charles Fipke at his Ekati discovery. Additionally, samples from the previous year are being re-examined for possible gold content.

Meanwhile work continues on diamond recoveries from mini-bulk samples taken last year at the project’s PST and Kahuna kimberlites. Early last month the company reported that a 2.32-tonne sample from the Notch kimberlite revealed 85 commercial-sized stones totalling 1.95 carats.

Last year’s resource estimate showed a near-surface inferred category for the Notch and Kahuna kimberlites, 12 kilometres apart:

  • Kahuna (+0.85 mm cutoff): 3.06 million tonnes averaging 1.04 carats per tonne for 3.19 million carats
  • (+1.18 mm cutoff): 0.8 ct/t for 2.45 million carats

  • Notch (+0.85 mm cutoff): 921,000 tonnes averaging 0.9 ct/t for 829,000 carats
  • (+1.18 mm cutoff): 0.83 ct/t for 765,000 carats

  • Total (+0.85 mm cutoff): 3.99 million tonnes averaging 1.01 ct/t for 4.02 million carats
  • (+1.18 mm cutoff): 0.81 ct/t for 3.22 million carats

Both dykes remain open along strike and at depth. The resource didn’t include the PST kimberlite, where sample recovery showed 96 commercial-sized diamonds totalling 5.34 carats.

The property’s located about 25 kilometres from the Hudson Bay town of Rankin Inlet.

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