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Dunnedin Ventures exceeds previous diamond recovery from Notch kimberlite

by Greg Klein | September 6, 2016

Final recovery results for one of the Kahuna project’s several known diamondiferous kimberlites averaged 0.99 carats per tonne, Dunnedin Ventures TSXV:DVI reported September 6. Forty-nine commercial-sized stones above 0.85 millimetres totalled 1.29 carats out of a 1.3-tonne portion of a 2.4-tonne sample. Recovery announced last March from the rest of the sample showed 36 commercial-sized stones totalling 0.66 carats.

Dunnedin Ventures exceeds previous diamond recovery from Notch kimberlite

Near-surface sampling returned yet more
diamonds from Dunnedin’s Notch kimberlite.

The property stands near the northwestern shore of Hudson Bay, near the Nunavut hamlets of Rankin Inlet and Chesterfield Inlet.

Of the most recent batch, Dunnedin described the largest stone as a 0.23-carat, clear and colourless octahedral. Most Notch diamonds have been clear and colourless variants of octahedra, the company noted.

Second- and third-place stones from this batch weighed 0.17 and 0.09 carats. The top three from the previous batch came in at 0.1, 0.08 and 0.05 carats.

Located 12 kilometres apart, the Kahuna project’s Notch and Kahuna kimberlites have a January 2015 resource with an inferred category showing:

  • Kahuna (+0.85 mm cutoff): 3.06 million tonnes averaging 1.04 carats per tonne for 3.19 million carats
  • (+1.18 mm cutoff): 0.8 ct/t for 2.45 million carats

  • Notch (+0.85 mm cutoff): 921,000 tonnes averaging 0.9 ct/t for 829,000 carats
  • (+1.18 mm cutoff): 0.83 ct/t for 765,000 carats

  • Total (+0.85 mm cutoff): 3.99 million tonnes averaging 1.01 ct/t for 4.02 million carats
  • (+1.18 mm cutoff): 0.81 ct/t for 3.22 million carats
Dunnedin Ventures exceeds previous diamond recovery from Notch kimberlite

The two largest stones from
Dunnedin’s most recent recovery.

Both dykes remain open along strike and at depth. Not included in the resource, the project’s PST kimberlite has previously shown 96 commercial-sized stones.

Last week Dunnedin announced a new till sampling campaign nearly 10 times the size of the 2015 program. The company hopes to complete and process the sampling in time to guide winter work. Dunnedin also has last year’s till samples under evaluation for gold. In other recent reports, the company announced progress on its permitting status, the appointments of strategic advisers John Robins and Jim Paterson, and a private placement offered at $1.3 million.

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