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KWG Resources promotes Ring of Fire with—harrumph!—women in swimsuits

by Greg Klein | August 8, 2016

President Frank Smeenk had KWG Resources CSE:KWG create a YouTube channel to bring Ontario’s Ring of Fire broader public exposure. But one recent video exposes too much, according to an outraged article on

KWG Resources promotes Ring of Fire awareness with—harrumph!—women in swimsuits

KWG boss Frank Smeenk keeps his eyes on target.

“Socially progressive this video is not,” fumed the news site. The offending film opens with “Theresa and Ashley” lounging on a boat somewhere in northern Ontario as they’re about to relate five interesting facts about the Ring of Fire. The next scenes take place on land, allowing the co-hosts to shed their life preservers and display swimsuits as well as some presumably bug dope-covered flesh.

Investors might wonder how much KWG spends on these efforts. But the content and production quality would hardly intimidate the high school students who took part in mining video contests in Ontario and Nova Scotia.

Nor is this the first time anyone’s offered a light-hearted look at the Ring of Fire.

Check out KWG’s five interesting facts but be forewarned: Only slightly suggestive content follows.

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