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Infographic: Thirty-one incredible facts about gold

by Jeff Desjardins | posted with permission of Visual Capitalist | August 2, 2016

No metal can claim a legacy comparable to gold.

Gold has been used to express love but it has also represented power, status and riches for the greatest kings of antiquity. Gold’s history is truly legendary, ripe with colourful tales and anecdotes from people ranging from William Shakespeare to Christopher Columbus.

But gold doesn’t just “talk the talk.”

Gold also walks the walk, because its grandeur is backed by impressive chemical properties and uses. As Visual Capitalist documented in its extensive gold series, it’s been used as a monetary metal for thousands of years by ancient civilizations such as the Lydians, Greeks, Chinese and Romans. It’s the most malleable and ductile metal, and it doesn’t tarnish or corrode. Over time, these properties have helped people associate gold with concepts such as immortality or royalty.

Even today, people are still finding new uses for gold that are impressive in their own right. For example, scientists recently discovered a gold alloy that is four times tougher than titanium.

Without further ado, here are 31 incredible facts about gold.

Thirty-one incredible facts about gold

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