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Diamond indicators suggest extensions, new targets for Dunnedin Ventures

by Greg Klein | July 25, 2016

Techniques used to find Canada’s first big diamond discovery have brought highly encouraging results for Dunnedin Ventures’ (TSXV:DVI) Kahuna project in Nunavut. Of 118 glacial till samples taken last year, all showed kimberlite indicator minerals (KIMs), with 78 also revealing diamond indicator minerals (DIMs). Results released July 25 suggest potential extensions to known diamond-bearing kimberlite dykes, as well as new targets for potential diamond-bearing dykes and pipes.

Diamond indicators suggest extensions, new targets for Dunnedin Ventures

A sample of Kahuna project stones
ranging between 1.7 and 2.36 millimetres.

Dunnedin conducted the sampling under the guidance of director Chad Ulansky and technical adviser Chuck Fipke, best known for his Ekati discovery. Analysis used proprietary chemistry filters developed by Fipke.

Potential extensions were found to four dykes, Kahuna, Notch, PST and 07KD-24, in all of which previous drilling had found diamonds. Historic, non-43-101 results from 07KD-24 reported 305 diamonds, including seven commercial-sized stones, from a sample of only 2.2 kilograms. “Very high DIM counts are present over 600 metres of strike perpendicular to ice transport direction in the vicinity of 07KD-24, suggesting significant possible strike extent for this kimberlite,” Dunnedin stated.

Results from three other areas show DIMs down-ice from geophysical signatures that were consistent with pipes found elsewhere on the property.

On Fipke’s recommendation, Dunnedin plans a property-scale program beginning with additional till sampling in August.

The project’s Kahuna and Notch dykes, 12 kilometres apart, have a January 2015 inferred resource showing:

  • Kahuna (+0.85 mm cutoff): 3.06 million tonnes averaging 1.04 carats per tonne for 3.19 million carats
  • (+1.18 mm cutoff): 0.8 ct/t for 2.45 million carats

  • Notch (+0.85 mm cutoff): 921,000 tonnes averaging 0.9 ct/t for 829,000 carats
  • (+1.18 mm cutoff): 0.83 ct/t for 765,000 carats

  • Total (+0.85 mm cutoff): 3.99 million tonnes averaging 1.01 ct/t for 4.02 million carats
  • (+1.18 mm cutoff): 0.81 ct/t for 3.22 million carats

Both kimberlites remain open along strike and at depth.

In March Dunnedin announced 36 commercial-sized diamonds had been recovered from a 2.4-tonne Notch sample that was about 40% complete. Last November an 820-kilogram sample from the project’s PST kimberlite revealed 96 commercial-sized stones. Valuation has yet to take place.

The 13,000-hectare property sits about 25 kilometres from the hamlet of Rankin Inlet on Hudson Bay’s northwestern shore.

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