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Dunnedin Ventures reports diamond recovery from Kahuna sample

by Greg Klein | March 21, 2016

With processing of a 2.4-tonne sample about 40% complete, 36 commercial-sized diamonds have been recovered so far from Dunnedin Ventures’ (TSXV:DVI) Notch kimberlite. Lab work for the Kahuna project in Nunavut found 278 diamonds above 0.425 millimetres, with three dozen over 0.85 mm, the company reported March 21. The commercial-sized stones totalled 0.66 carats, with the three largest weighing 0.1, 0.08 and 0.05 carats respectively.

Dunnedin Ventures reports diamond recovery from Kahuna sample

CEO Chris Taylor described the results as “an attractive diamond population with most stones being clear and colourless variants of octahedra.”

An 820-kilogram sample reported last November from the PST kimberlite showed 526 diamonds, 96 of them commercial-sized stones totalling 5.34 carats. The sample grade came to 6.5 carats per tonne. The 13,000-hectare project holds eight diamondiferous kimberlites.

A January 2015 inferred resource for the Kahuna and Notch dykes, 12 kilometres apart, provided numbers for two sieve sizes over 0.85 mm.

  • Kahuna (+0.85 mm cutoff): 3.06 million tonnes averaging 1.04 carats per tonne for 3.19 million carats
  • (+1.18 mm cutoff): 0.8 ct/t for 2.45 million carats

  • Notch (+0.85 mm cutoff): 921,000 tonnes averaging 0.9 ct/t for 829,000 carats
  • (+1.18 mm cutoff): 0.83 ct/t for 765,000 carats

  • Total (+0.85 mm cutoff): 3.99 million tonnes averaging 1.01 ct/t for 4.02 million carats
  • (+1.18 mm cutoff): 0.81 ct/t for 3.22 million carats

Exposed at surface, the dykes remain open along strike and at depth.

The stones’ value can’t be estimated until a parcel is sent to Antwerp.

Before the lab returns to the bulk sample, Dunnedin plans to have last year’s till samples processed to guide exploration on Notch and PST. Processing would then resume on the remaining 1.4 tonnes of Notch kimberlite, plus additional kimberlite from PST and other targets.

The Kahuna project lies about 25 kilometres from the hamlet of Rankin Inlet. An all-weather road to Agnico Eagle’s (TSX:AEM) Meliadine development project covers about half that distance.

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See Chris Berry’s research report on long-term diamond demand.

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