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Dunnedin Ventures releases diamond photos from Nunavut bulk sample

by Greg Klein | November 23, 2015

Dunnedin Ventures releases diamond photos from Nunavut bulk sample

Diamonds recovered in the 1.18 to 1.7-millimetre sizes
show a “good range of colour and quality,” Dunnedin stated.


The bulk sample was reported 11 days earlier but with the stones now cleaned and photographed, Dunnedin Ventures TSXV:DVI released diamond images from its Kahuna project on November 23. The rocks come from PST, one of three kimberlites sampled so far on the property about 25 kilometres from Rankin Inlet, Nunavut.

Dunnedin Ventures releases diamond photos from Nunavut bulk sample

The 1.7 to 2.36-millimetre class shows a range of colour and quality.

The 820-kilogram sample yielded 526 diamonds, 96 of them above the commercial size of 0.85 millimetres. With a total of 5.34 carats, the sample grade came to 6.5 carats per tonne, “some of the best diamond results reported in Canada,” CEO Chris Taylor said.

The PST sample is “dominated by single octahedral crystals and variants of octahedra,” the company stated. “Colours are mostly white to off-white, though a small component of yellow stones are also present.”

Dunnedin plans to process material from the project’s Notch kimberlite before taking further samples from PST, Kahuna, Notch and an unnamed kimberlite. Using a 0.85-millimetre cutoff, Kahuna and Notch have an inferred resource totalling 3.99 million tonnes averaging 1.01 carats per tonne for 4.02 million carats. Dunnedin attributes PST’s considerably higher sample grade to superior recovery at the lab of Canadian diamond pioneer Chuck Fipke, a company adviser.

Dunnedin also hopes to identify new targets from more than 180 sieved till concentrates taken from the property. Mapping and interpretive work “have revealed an extensive network of kimberlite-intruded structures with many potential dyke, dyke blow and pipe targets,” the company stated.

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