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Canada’s new $20 coin costs just $109.95

by Greg Klein | August 24, 2015

Canada’s new $20 coin costs just $109.95

Borrowing technology used in paper currency,
a hologram presents the coin’s image with a
3D effect.

Presenting the last in a collectors’ series depicting the northern lights, the Royal Canadian Mint unveiled its new 3D $20 coin on August 24. The Mint’s flogging the one-ounce silver piece for $109.95. Only 8,500 have been struck.

It’s the third coin produced by the Mint’s “unique achromatic hologram technology,” according to president/CEO Sandra Hanington. “Our employees have used their world-renowned expertise to bring to life two themes that have marked the experience of those who have inhabited Canada for thousands of years—the raven and the aurora borealis.”

Canada’s new $20 coin costs just $109.95

With fame exceeding any Canadian prime minister and possibly rivalling our monarch, Tweety Bird graced another recent coin from the Royal Canadian Mint.

Dispaying artwork created by Nathalie Bertin, the coin reproduces not a physical image “but a ‘virtual’ image that is actually produced on your retina,” the Mint explained. “In fact, the physical image on the hologram’s surface is a seemingly random series of dots.” Similar technology has been used on paper money to deter counterfeiters.

The Mint struck the world’s first coin with a 3D effect in 2013 to commemorate Superman’s 75th anniversary. The Mint’s second followed in 2014 to mark the Canadian Space Agency’s 25th year.

Other coins produced by the Mint this year have featured a bird from the Cook Islands, Canadian landscapes, Canadian butterflies and several American cartoon characters.

The latest coin comes available online on August 25 and at retail outlets starting September 1.

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