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BCSC warns against DFRF Enterprises’ “economically impossible” returns

by Greg Klein | May 6, 2015

A company that claims to mine 10 tonnes of gold per month and manage $144 billion in assets has been hit by an investor alert from the British Columbia Securities Commission. The May 6 communique warns against buying “memberships or other securities of DFRF Enterprises LLC, DFRF Enterprises Ltd or other companies associated with Daniel Fernandez Rojo Filho.” Claims that investments will return 15% per month are “economically impossible,” the BCSC cautioned, while a promise that DFRF will soon begin trading on a stock exchange is illegal.

BCSC warns investors about DFRF Enterprises’ “economically impossible” returns

A screengrab shows Daniel Filho
in a DFRF promotional video.

The BCSC stated Filho made the following claims, several of which “are characteristic of investment fraud”:

  • Investors’ principal is guaranteed and safe

  • Investors’ funds are held offshore

  • Filho manages $144 billion in assets

  • DFRF extracts 10 tonnes of gold per month in Mali

  • The company donates 25% of profits to humanitarian causes

  • Members who refer new members get 10% commissions

The BCSC urged anyone who’s been approached by or has information about DFRF or Filho to contact the commission at (604) 899-6854 or 1-800-373-6393.

Filho was recently named “Brazilian Personality of the Year,” according to a story distributed by Accesswire on May 4 and attributed to FAME magazine. Calling him “a man able to turn paper into gold,” the account stated, “the 47-year-old entrepreneur has a history rich with charitable organizations and projects. In the 1990s his work in social and philanthropic areas allowed the construction of 409 churches, 47 schools and 19 hospitals around the world.” The story claimed that he currently manages “more than 50 businesses around the world, providing more than 10,000 jobs.”

The story also claimed, “His holdings already include a bank in Switzerland, multiple airlines and a network of hotels and restaurants.”

But “as with any successful business, Daniel’s efforts have been attacked by numerous competitors who have launched fake websites and published unfounded accusations about him and his thriving companies,” the story insisted.

One critical website stated that DFRF is the subject of a lawsuit in Massachusetts and that someone with the same name as Filho had operated a pyramid scheme in Florida.

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