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A gold-and-diamond doughnut with your coffee?

by Greg Klein | April 6, 2015

They’ve long appealed to people’s sense of beauty or avarice, but what do diamonds and gold do for the palate? Adventurous foodies can find out by sampling a new $100 doughnut with those unusual ingredients.

A gold-and-diamond doughnut with your coffee?

The $100 doughnut: A seemingly decadent delight that
actually feeds the poor. (Photo: Dolicious Donuts)

Dolicious Donuts, a West Kelowna, British Columbia eatery, unveiled the sumptuous and presumably scrumptious concoction three days after April Fool’s Day. “It’s not a joke,” insists spokesperson Chris Cruz. “We actually had our first purchase on Saturday from someone who had been wanting it for the last six weeks.”

“It tasted like a million bucks,” Cruz quoted him.

Cruz lists some of the ingredients as edible 24-karat gold, edible “diamonds,” Bling H2O, aged chocolate balsamic vinegar and Rollingdale ice wine. “I think that’s all I’m allowed to say. All the others are Dolicious secrets.”

Gold has been used as an edible food decoration at least as far back as the Roman Empire and adds glitter to some contemporary confections too. “Basically your body just passes it through,” Cruz says.

That might not be so easy for diamonds, nature’s hardest mineral. But Dolicious’ diamonds consist of sugar, not carbon.

So how did “a small mom and pop shop” come up with such an idea? At a previous location, a regular customer arranged to use the premises to propose to his girlfriend. With an engagement ring embedded in her favourite doughnut, “he got down on one knee and proposed to her.” That inspired the $100 doughnut.

While the idea might sound decadent, it serves a good cause. Dolicious says it will donate proceeds from its $100 doughnuts to a local soup kitchen. They’re available on 48 hours’ notice.

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