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Ouch! A damning perspective on B.C.’s great big dam

by Greg Klein | December 17, 2014

British Columbia’s premier is “attracted to ephemeral schemes.” The more than $8-billion budget for B.C.’s Site C hydroelectric dam looks like another of the province’s “slippery estimates.” “A half-dozen court challenges are now in the works.” And the province’s electricity utility “has failed to make its case in terms of future energy demands.”

One day after B.C. announced its approval for the colossal project, National Post columnist Brian Hutchinson pissed skepticism all over the party.

“Never mind, says Bill Bennett, the province’s minister of energy and mines,” Hutchinson wrote. “Expect to see shovels in the ground next summer, he declared. That would be almost miraculous, at the very least a monumental surprise.”

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