Thursday 18th July 2019

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Zimtu Capital presents a contest to raise awareness about industrial minerals


Just as Vancouver’s annual spring investor conference rebrands itself, market-watchers will have the chance to help rebrand a company—and win a prize for doing so.

Electra Gold TSXV:ELT has an identity problem. It’s not a gold miner. It’s not a gold explorer. It’s an industrial minerals miner that’s been in production since 2003. But its public profile matches that of many industrial minerals companies. Electra produces a commodity we all take for granted but few people have even heard of.

Zimtu Capital presents a contest to raise awareness about industrial minerals

Hence the contest. Electra wants people to look at the company, its operation and its potential, and come up with a compelling name. The winner gets a prize from Zimtu Capital TSXV:ZC. The chance to participate comes at the Canadian Investor Conference 2014 held in Vancouver June 1 and 2. Entry forms will be on hand at booth 320 or by e-mail from TLowes [at]

So what does Electra do?

The company mines chalky geyserite at its PEM100 quarry, part of the Apple Bay project on Vancouver Island. Product is shipped to a customer in Seattle. Electra intends to continue exploration, acquisition and development of small-scale industrial minerals projects in addition to chalky geyserite.

Chalky geyserwhat?

Chalky geyserite. Also known as aluminum silica, it’s an integral ingredient in cement. About 20% of cement contains chalky geyserite. Electra says Apple Bay covers readily accessible silica and alumina resources in PEM100 and to the northwest.

Why the contest?

To raise awareness not only of this company and commodity, but of industrial minerals in general. They’re all around us, we rely on them for countless everyday uses, but we tend to know little or nothing about them.

How do I enter?

E-mail Tyler Lowes at TLowes [at] for more info and an entry form. Or drop by booth 320.

Booth 320?

At the Canadian Investor Conference 2014, held June 1 and 2 at the Vancouver Convention Centre West.

Didn’t that used to be the World Resource Investment Conference?

Yes. Cambridge House International has expanded the event to include oil and gas, liquefied natural gas, agriculture, life sciences, technology, real estate and marijuana.

I’ve heard a lot about the greenrush. Will the conference provide opportunities to purchase the physical commodity?


But it looks like resources get short shrift.

Not at all. Mainstays like Chris Berry, Rick Rule, John Kaiser, Brent Cook, Eric Coffin and Lawrence Roulston, among others, will be out in force. Speakers and panel discussions will tackle resource-related topics while miners and explorers give corporate presentations and meet with the public.

What’s that cost?

Nothing, if you register in advance. Otherwise it’s 20 bucks at the door.

Getting back to the contest, what’s the prize?

We can’t tell you yet. But the winner and prize will be announced following the conference.

How do I enter again?

E-mail Tyler Lowes at TLowes [at] or drop by conference booth 320.



And the answer’s still no about buying weed?



Read more about industrial minerals here and here.

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