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NWT diamond centre raises visitors’ awareness, offers bling for their bucks

by Greg Klein | May 23, 2014

NWT diamond centre raises visitors’ awareness, offers bling for their bucks

Canadian diamonds could become a tourist attraction thanks to the Northwest Territories Diamond Centre, which opened in Yellowknife on May 22. The venue will show visitors “the journey diamonds make from mine to market,” said David Ramsay, the territory’s minister of industry, tourism and investment, who attended the opening ceremony. Several exhibits and a small theatre will “raise awareness of the NWT’s socially and environmentally responsible mining practices and world class diamonds produced in the territory,” according to a government statement. Owned and operated by Crossworks Manufacturing Ltd, the centre will also give visitors the opportunity to lay down cash for locally mined glitter.

Crossworks is part of the HRA Group, a Vancouver-based company that modestly claims to have “revolutionized the role of the diamantaire.” Its activities include diamond cutting and polishing, jewelry manufacturing, sales and marketing. Active in the branded Canadian diamond market since 1999, Crossworks was decreed a Rio Tinto Select Diamantaire by the mining giant in 2003. Crossworks’ Yellowknife diamond polishing facility is the only such operation in the diamond-rich NWT.

In all, Crossworks has five polishing facilities in Canada, Vietnam and Namibia and is the world’s largest manufacturer of branded Canadian diamonds.

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