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Albany’s area play continues

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As for Pito, it has “a very interesting historic hole and we want to get in there and drill as close to that hole as possible and if there’s something there, keep stepping out and see what we’ve got.”

How does he think the Albany-area influx came about? England attributes it to “one main guy staking stuff … he’s the one who got the first crew out there and got things going, and good for him. There’s an audience for it.”

Some audience members are tightly knit. Several Albany-area companies share a number of executives and directors with other players in the area.

All the juniors that have gone in have seen an increase in volume and even some financings. It’s been fantastic.—Michael England, CEO of
Ashburton Ventures and
Cariboo King Resources

And with players in other areas too. England also heads Ashburton, an enthusiast not only around Albany but also near Colorado Resources’ TSXV:CXO North ROK copper-gold project in British Columbia and the Fission/Alpha Patterson Lake South project around the southwestern rim of Saskatchewan’s Athabasca Basin.

Although he’s “kind of focused on uranium right now,” England says he’ll be watching his graphite peers, especially next-door neighbour Cavan. “If Cavan happens to hit something nice, then great, we’ll get guys on the ground immediately.”

MPH Ventures president/director Jim Pettit tells he doesn’t have immediate plans for the North Albany property, but nabbed it “in case things start to heat up more than they already are.”

As for the play’s timing, he says, “I think we’re getting closer to a point where there might be some news coming out from some of the satellite guys, rather than just Zenyatta itself. Once we see that, then you know there’s an opportunity there.”

Like England, he’s not exactly adverse to closeology. He’s also CEO/chairman of Bayfield Ventures TSXV:BYV, whose flagship Burns Block is surrounded by New Gold’s formidable Rainy River project. In addition he chairs Skyharbour Resources TSXV:SYH, part of a four-company strategic alliance exploring the Western Athabasca Syndicate Project, with 275,361 hectares in the vicinity of the Alpha/Fission high-grade, near-surface Patterson Lake South uranium discovery.

“I’m actually paying more attention to the Basin now,” Pettit says.

Arguably it’s the hottest area play going. But with Zenyatta reporting very wide intercepts from what it characterizes as a unique hydrothermal graphite deposit, the Basin has some competition. England credits both plays with rejuvenating the sector. The markets, he says, have been “perilous for quite a while. But there’s a different feeling to it now and the people I’m talking to are starting to get a little more upbeat. Some of the brokers who’ve remained brokers are getting a little more upbeat.”

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