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Fluorspar set for steady price increases after 2015, says Byron Capital Markets

by Greg Klein | August 6, 2013

Byron Capital Markets issues fluorspar report

Fluorspar, a little-known but widely used critical mineral, is the subject of a new report from Byron Capital Markets. Vital to steel production, aluminum smelting, the manufacture of refrigerants and other uses, the mineral is “the dominant source for the chemical element fluorine (F) and, due to F’s extreme chemical properties, fluorine is largely irreplaceable in its use,” states Jon Hykawy, Byron’s head of global research. “Thus we see fluorspar as playing a key role in driving economic growth in the future.”

The report provides a concise but detailed introduction to the commodity and its uses, as well as supply/demand/price forecasts for acidspar, the most expensive and highly sought grade of fluorspar.

Click here to read Byron’s Introduction to Fluorspar and an Acidspar Price Deck online.

Click here to download the report.

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