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Rule anticipates he and his colleagues at Sprott Global Resource Investments will be busy.

“We’ll have the opportunity to talk with about 100 of our clients, maybe more, who’ll be in attendance,” he says. “We’ll certainly be circulating, and having our geologists circulate, looking for new investment opportunities among the exhibitors, or getting up to speed with exhibitors who we haven’t had the opportunity to spend as much time with as we should.”

World Resource Investment Conference 2013

The symbol of an upward-trending market,
Let the Bull Run will be displayed by
Zimtu Capital and Cambridge House.

Weighted heavily among WRIC exhibitors are junior explorers. A group of them will be present at a double booth hosted by Zimtu Capital TSXV:ZC, a prospect generator that maintains holdings in several companies with projects ranging from early to advanced-stage and covering a number of commodities.

In addition to meeting with scouts from institutions like Sprott, exhibitors will “meet one-on-one with an analyst and a local contact from a financial institution,” says Karen Renaud, a spokesperson for WRIC host Cambridge House International. “Each public company has been scheduled for meetings in hopes of benefiting these companies and the growth of the industry at large.”

Referring to prospect generators in general, Rule says their “business model differs from the normal business model in that the prospect generators use the acumen and technical capabilities of their management team to develop exploration theses which they farm out to other companies. Other companies fund the heavy lifting of the exploration expenditure. While it’s less sexy than sole-risk exploration, statistically it’s an awful lot more successful.

“I have participated in funding prospect generators for about three decades and the empirical studies suggest the results that I’ve gotten from funding prospect generators have been about three standard deviations more efficient than the exploration market in general. If you have the ability to participate in a technique that’s three standard deviations better than the median, you owe it to yourself to follow through on that course of action.”

The World Resource Investment Conference 2013 takes place Sunday and Monday, May 26 and 27, at the Vancouver Convention Centre West. Click here for more info and, for visitors, free registration. If it’s your first springtime visit to Vancouver, hedge your bets by packing both sunscreen and an umbrella.

Disclaimer: Zimtu Capital Corp is a client of OnPage Media Corp and the principals of OnPage Media may hold shares in Zimtu Capital.

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