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Turnaround 2013

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Among exploration challenges, “juniors are going into more and more remote areas, which is tough just from a drilling standpoint. Then there are crises in some countries causing uncertainty.”

Michael Kott sees better times ahead but cautions juniors to expand their investor base

Junior explorers need to network globally to
broaden their investment base, says Michael Kott.

Additionally, there are challenges of communication. “Canadians grow up with 43-101 but Europeans don’t. So there’s further uncertainty there. Our company acts as an intermediary in that we try to educate people and pass on knowledge. We are specialists in natural resource industries offering seminars, workshops and conferences. We address their uncertainty and help them understand a project or a company. We give them the information to help them evaluate a company.

“It’s quite a challenge but, on the other hand, it’s a big opportunity too because we build our reputation on that and we create good fellowship with our clients.”

As a result of working closely with juniors, Kott has some advice for them. “I would never invest in a company that has no budget for marketing itself,” he warns. “When you do good things, you have to tell people.”

And, he points out, “you shouldn’t tell just one time zone. You should try to get a listing in Europe, maybe in Asia as well. Then you have access to these big capital pools in every kind of time zone. That’s exactly what you want to achieve. For sure this is not a free ticket, it’s something that costs money and therefore you have to network globally, not locally.”

In conclusion he emphasizes, “A global network brings you much better support from other corners of the world when times are tough in one corner of the world.”

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