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Focus Metals reports Quebec Graphite Metallurgical Results of 46.1% Large Flake, >94.1% C

Update: Effective May 25, 2012, Focus Metals began trading as Focus Graphite Inc TSXV:FMS. The stock symbol remains the same.

Resource Clips - essential news on junior gold mining and junior silver miningFocus Metals Inc TSXV:FMS announced metallurgical tests from its Lac Knife Graphite Deposit in Quebec. Flake-size distribution and total carbon grade results show

16.6% of the samples produced +48 mesh flakes grading 96.1% carbon
14.3% produced +65 mesh grading 95% C
7% produced +80 mesh grading 94.5% C
8.2% produced +100 mesh grading 94.1% C
28% produced +150 mesh grading 92.6% C
11% produced +200 mesh grading 87.2% C
14.9% produced -200 mesh grading 85.2% C

SGS Metallurgical Services found 46.1% produced large flake (+48 mesh to +100 mesh) and 39% medium flake (+150 mesh to +200 mesh) with an overall global recovery test rate of 85.9%. Focus Metals stated that in addition to the large flake, the balance of the flake (+150 mesh to -200 mesh) can be used to produce anodes for the high-growth lithium-ion battery manufacturing sector.

President/CEO Gary Economo stated, “Lac Knife’s 16% grade and a large-flake concentration of 46% validate our deposit’s commercial primacy in an emerging and highly competitive sector, especially when the balance of our resource can be largely dedicated to battery-grade applications. As a business, grade and quality are the key elements to Lac Knife’s commercial viability. And increasing recoveries by utilizing new processing and purification technologies will provide additional value to actual results. We will also continue to improve our production circuit design to reflect the processing and production requirements for potential customers.”

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by Greg Klein

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