Tuesday 13th November 2018

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Sienna reports Peru Results up to 1.32 g/t Gold, 141.2 g/t Silver over 48.7m

Resource Clips - essential news on junior gold mining and junior silver miningSienna Gold Inc TSXV:SGP announced results from the Callanquitas Structure of its Igor Project in La Libertad, Peru. Highlights include

1.32 g/t gold and 141.2 g/t silver over 48.7 metres
(including 3.08 g/t gold and 251.1 g/t silver over 17.6 metres)
1.35 g/t gold and 3.1 g/t silver over 18.3 metres
(including 2.34 g/t gold and 3.5 g/t silver over 8.3 metres)
0.9 g/t gold and 19.4 g/t silver over 25.5 metres
(including 4.48 g/t gold and 48.6 g/t silver over 2.8 metres)
0.79 g/t gold and 24 g/t silver over 27.9 metres
(including 2.33 g/t gold and 37.5 g/t silver over 4.2 metres)
0.7 g/t gold and 4.1 g/t silver over 28.5 metres
(including 8.3 g/t gold and 15.3 g/t silver over 0.7 metres)
1.29 g/t gold and 21 g/t silver over 10.4 metres
(including 3.01 g/t gold and 46.5 g/t silver over 3.5 metres)

Director Warren Pratt remarked, “These new results are very significant. Firstly, they keep demonstrating the continuity of the Callanquitas Structure over at least 900 metres of strike length. Secondly, hole CA 12 27 now establishes the presence of a major high-grade zone, with many multi-kilogram silver grades, in the centre of the structure. This zone has now been cut to more than 400 metres depth at 50-metre vertical intervals. Step-out drilling to the north and south has the potential to expand this high-grade zone. We will also focus on other potential high-grade zones within the structure.”

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