Wednesday 14th November 2018

Resource Clips

International Metals Group

Companies: Pacific North West Capital Corp (PFNC), El Nino Ventures Inc (ELN), Next Gen Metals Inc (N)
President/COO William Stone
Minerals: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Base Metals
Location: Canada, USA

Q. Where do you see the market going in 2012?

We’ve been talking to various people and soliciting various views but are still witholding from speculation. We would like things to improve and are hopeful that they will.

Q. What do you anticipate for your company in 2012?

For PFN we completed our exploration program and are awaiting results. We’ll complete a mineral resource estimate by 1Q. We will finish another round of environmental baseline studies by spring. We’re commencing mineral recovery studies and mineral exploration by fall.

For ELN we’ll have a mineral resource estimate for the New Brunswick Murray Brook gold-silver by the end of 1Q.

For Next Gen we’re drilling the Quebec Destiny Gold project, and will have results by the end of 1Q.

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