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Sabina VP Peter Manojlovic on Nunavut gold assays of 10.19 g/t over 33m

Resource Clips - essential news on junior gold mining and junior silver miningSabina Gold and Silver Corp TSX:SBB announced assays from its Back River Project in Nunavut. Results include 10.19 g/t gold over 33 metres (including 27.16 g/t over 9 metres), 71.3 g/t over 1.5 metres, 5.14 g/t over 16 metres (including 11.31 g/t over 7 metres) and 3.35 g/t over 14.7 metres (including 6.45 g/t over 4.5 metres).

VP Exploration Peter Manojlovic tells, “The Back River Project was acquired by Sabina in the middle of 2009 from Dundee Precious Metals, and it has a number of properties. The two most important ones are Goose and George. Goose hosts four known deposits—the Goose deposit, the Llama deposit, the Umwelt deposit and the Echo deposit. The George property has, I believe, four or five zones. Really the focus has been on the Goose property, but we have done work outside of that on the George property and also an additional area just to the west that’s called Wishbone.

“We’re quite excited about the results that we’ve released. Certainly the highlight was the hole at Umwelt that returned 13 g/t over 24 metres and, perhaps more importantly, it had just over an ounce of gold over 8.5 metres. The deposit now extends from, basically, near surface at the north down to about 650 metres at the south end, which is where that hole is. It demonstrates the incredible continuity of the deposit over 1.4 kilometres. The thickness is very consistent as well. So we’re extremely pleased with that result.

We hope to complete our drilling and get those resources and begin a PEA of the project this fall—Peter Manojlovic

“Right now we’re still drilling up there,” continues Manojlovic, “and we will be until the end of September. We have nine drills currently turning. We have five drills working on the Umwelt itself—we’re expanding that deposit. Last year we drilled about 550 metres at the top end of that deposit, brought that to a resource, and this year we’re drilling to get the additional mineralization to the south. Once we’re done at the end of September, we’ll be working on doing the resource from that 550 metres down to however deep we take it by the end of September. We would hope to get [the updated resource] out by 4Q.

“We hope to complete our drilling and get those resources and begin a PEA of the project this fall. We see that as having a high likelihood of being positive. We would progress as rapidly as we can once we reach that stage.

“We’re extremely excited about Back River. Sabina has been working on the project for about two years, and in those two years we’ve made a number of new discoveries, the most significant of which are the Umwelt deposit and the Llama deposit. We’ve increased resources there quite substantially, so we have very high confidence that we will continue to increase resources and bring the project to the mining stage.”

Regarding Sabina’s other Nunavut project, Hackett River, Manojlovic says, “Earlier in the year, in June, we completed the sale of Hackett River to Xstrata Zinc. We’re working on a release for Hackett River to come out shortly. We’re still in the process of transferring the titles to the various licences to Xstrata. So work on Hackett itself has been on a bit of a hiatus for the last two months while we complete that process. It’s fairly lengthy. Coupled with that, most of the regulators in Nunavut are enjoying summer holidays, as we all are, so it makes the process slower. But it is proceeding. We are confident that the transaction will take place.”

Manojlovic concludes, “We’ve always enjoyed working in Nunavut. Most of the senior management has spent numerous years in the north, working on various projects. In fact they were involved in permitting the Hope Bay project when they were with Miramar Mining Corporation. So we’re very comfortable working in Nunavut, and we continue to have good relations there.”

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Peter Manojlovic
Vice President of Exploration

by Greg Klein and Ted Niles

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