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Knick VP Gordon Henriksen on Quebec gold assays of 14.22 g/t over 3.8m

Resource Clips - essential news on junior gold mining and junior silver miningKnick Exploration Inc TSXV:KNX announced results from its Trecesson Gold Property in Quebec. Highlights include 14.22 g/t gold over 3.8 metres (including 33.1 g/t over 1.5 metres), 22.69 g/t over 2 metres (including 8.13 g/t over 0.6 metres), 22.86 g/t over 1.6 metres (including 41.47 g/t over 0.9 metres) and 20.5 g/t over 1.1 metres.

VP and Director Gordon Henriksen tells, “Originally Trecesson was found by a local farmer. Noranda took a look at it in the early 1930s, and a small bulk sample was taken. There are no real results on the bulk sample; however, native free gold was reported within the vein. A number of other companies have held the ground over the years. The work was very sporadic, but they all came up with interesting free-gold values. Two of the property owners were considering going underground. The problem was that it was very difficult to assess and evaluate in terms of its actual gold potential due to the nugget effect of the native gold within the system.

“A local prospector that we’ve known for a fair number of years came by our office and showed us the property, and we decided to do our due diligence, take a property visit. He’d done some cleaning up of the old trench works from the Noranda years and pumped out the water that was in the trench. We sampled the host rock, and we sampled the vein in the trench. While we were sampling, we noticed that in one location there was a cluster—a little fleurette—of visible gold within the vein. So we took a sample of that, and it returned over three ounces per ton gold, with silver values, 9% zinc and some copper values. So that caught my interest. We did our due diligence in terms of historical work, and when we saw the original channel sampling from Noranda’s work and two other predecessors, we decided to go ahead and acquire the ground.

I’m ecstatic about this project. We’ve proven that the gold isn’t just an isolated area in terms of the system. The gold is throughout the system—Gordon Henriksen

“We’ve just completed the Phase 1 drill program,” Henriksen continues, “and we’re processing the results—doing the sections, the maps. We have a little bit more field work to do in terms of surveying in the holes; we have the accurate locations of the holes, now we want to get precise elevations because there’s a small hill in one part. The rest is relatively flat. We want to make sure our sections are correct, so we can follow the vein properly on our next phase of exploration.

“For the next phase of drilling, our ideal plan is to have two drills going, one continuing to follow the system along strike and fill in the gap between the two known areas that we’ve defined to date. The second drill would work on doing some definition drilling to shore up some tonnage for a gold resource in the ground. This will give an actual concrete dollar value to Knick’s share price.

“We did back-to-back drill programs this year—one on our East-West project for which we still haven’t posted all our results because we’ve been so busy with the second program. Once we have all the data compiled and we’re ready to go, I anticipate we should [start Phase 2] drilling about the time the snow comes. Then we’ll probably be drilling into the New Year. The snow comes here the end of October, beginning of November, so that’s the earliest I can see us drilling. If it’s not then, it will be right after Christmas.

“We are professional explorationists; we don’t plan on taking it to development,” he adds. “We will go all the way up to pre-production.

“I’m ecstatic about this project. We’ve proven that the gold isn’t just an isolated area in terms of the system. The gold is throughout the system. There’s definitely a nugget effect like the previous workers have described. We’re going to be coming out with a press release describing our metallic sieve samples; these samples will show the various fractions that were analyzed in the core, showing the actual nugget effect. This is going to be rather exciting. I don’t think too many people have done this [ie, metallic sieve sampling] in the past. I’m really keen. We’re even getting values in the host rock in some places, and there are indications that the structure opens up in several areas. So there’s potential down the line for bonanza pots.

“The most recent assays are close to surface, and most junior mining companies would love to have results like that. I’m just hoping that in the near future—in our next phase of drilling—that we do see these bonanza-style lenses within it. Geologically, there’s no reason why there shouldn’t be. We can define things over mining width at a mining grade which, in essence, is ore; you can mine it at a profit.”

Henriksen concludes, “We’ll be coming out with some more results before the end of August.”

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Jacques Brunelle

or Gordon N. Henriksen
Vice President

by Greg Klein and Ted Niles

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