Friday 18th January 2019

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Abcourt President Renaud Hinse on Quebec silver assays of 300.99 g/t over 4.9m

“It’s a property that Abcourt has had for 30 years. We were in production for five years, from 1985 to 1990. Then when the price of silver dropped below $5, and the price of zinc was also falling, we decided to close the mine. Since that time we’ve had several drilling programs with the objective of increasing the resources. And we have been quite successful in that endeavor. We’re drilling again to raise and improve the resources on the property. So the latest drill results are an indication that the zone is there and that it continues to give us some good values.

“For 2011, we’ll keep on drilling. We have to do a few holes on other properties for work requirements, but most of the drilling will be on Abcourt-Barvue. We have ore reserves on that property which total about 7 million tonnes. In addition to that we have inferred resources, with very good values in silver, which is what we’re drilling now.

“We had a feasibility study done in 2007, and we’ve been working on improving that. We purchased used mill equipment which is on the site now. This reduced the total cost of the project. And we’re trying now to increase the resources, and this will give us the possibility of increasing the daily tonnage of ore that we could extract. Every time we do an operation like that it improves the economics. Of course, the price of silver right now is very good and the price of zinc is not too bad, so our project looks very good.”

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