Sunday 18th November 2018

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American Manganese President Larry Reaugh on SoCal Claims purchase

“SoCal is a good move for the future—after Artillery Peak goes into production. These were past producers. It’s a vein system, not a sedimentary system like we have, and they come up from a couple of feet to 20 feet wide and then have to be beneficiated to make ore. So it’s a different aspect of the business, but it’s still manganese business.There’s not going to be a lot happening on the SoCal claim for the moment. We are looking at it as inventory. Or we may joint venture it, if somebody was so inclined.

“Everything is moving ahead on schedule at Artillery Peak. The pilot plant testing is progressing, the prefeasibility is progressing, the drilling is about half done. There will be a press release coming out tomorrow, I think, announcing that we’ll be increasing the drill program. We don’t have assays yet as it’s been less than month since we started the drilling. It’ll be some time towards the end of the month before the first assays will start coming out. But we’ve shipped twelve shipments of sample. And once they start coming we hope it’s going to be fairly consistent after that.

“We’ll also be doing our testing for the battery material probably in July from the pilot plant test. We know if we can do the EMD [i.e. electrolytic manganese dioxide] that we can do the battery material, that’s for sure. We’d like to see if that’s going to be another opportunity to increase cash flow with an insignificant amount more production.”

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