Friday 16th November 2018

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Almaden President Morgan Poliquin on Mexico assays of 0.99 g/t gold and 86.2 g/t silver over 201.4m

“The property is located in eastern Mexico. We found it through prospecting—there’s no old mines or workings in the area. So this is a brand new discovery. Our discovery hole was August 2010. In total now we’ve announced 17 holes and we have three drills on the property. We’ve identified a number of zones and we’ll start drilling on the other zones this year. The zone we are drilling now remains open and we’re stepping-out. Our step-outs are beginning to become ordered now. It was a blind discovery and now we understand the orientation of the veins such that we can really start to see what we have here. The plans for the year are to drill and to see what we have.

“I think these assays are outstanding. They’re some of the best we’ve got so far, and I think they’re pretty unique.

“We’re not a production oriented company and we just sold a resource that we’ve developed. We’re prospecting oriented. And right now we’re essentially doing some advanced prospecting. It’s a brand new discovery and we haven’t defined the limits of it yet. We have some spectacular high grades right off the bat. We have not had a hole that has missed so far.”

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