Monday 19th November 2018

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Roxgold President Bob Sibthorpe on Burkina Faso gold assays of 24.62 g/t over 6m

“We drilled about 33 holes at Yaramoko during December and January, but there’s a high level of activity in that country now, so the local lab was very slow with the results. That’s why it took so long. We only have the first 14 of 33, so as much as we’re pleased with what we’ve got, we’re hoping for even better on the next set of results. We’re drilling about 10 different areas with this first set, it’s very much the first drilling on a lot of these geochemical soil and rock anomalies. This one that we started on, when we started drilling the local artisanal minors started digging in front of us. There’s upwards of 200 to 300 of them on the property right now—to the point where we’re going to have to stop it because it’s beginning to interfere with our work. They never really hurt you but they can get in the way and then you have a safety concern. But there must be something interesting on the surface as well as underneath, because they don’t work that hard for that stuff unless they get paid.

“We’re quite excited about the area. We have another hole coming through there in the next bunch and it looks pretty good too. We’ll definitely be coming back there with the core drill and try to get a handle on its dimensions. We optioned three properties from Riverstone Resources and, this year, we’re doing 25 or 30 drill holes on each of the three concessions and that’ll finish two thirds of our work this year. So, lots of drilling this year.

“Burkina Faso is a great place to work and I think there’s lots of gold there. It’s more a matter of effort than it is of finding it. A lot of companies are having a lot of success there.”

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