Friday 22nd February 2019

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Aquila President/CEO Tom Quigley on Michigan assays of 18.57 g/t gold over 8 m

“There is a greenstone belt in the Upper Peninsula here that has a lot of gold occurrences and one former producer. This particular prospect was initially found by the operators of that mine and was partially drilled. We’ve acquired that ground and are expanding on what they began back in the 1980s.

“A couple of today’s assays were pretty nice—and we had a previous release from the earlier holes in this program that also had some nice values. I was quite pleased, because I was aware of this prospect from the historical work. I was a bit surprised actually at some of the grades we’re getting there. It’s typical; it’s got some high grade and it’s pretty erratic. We’re just starting to figure it out. It’s a very early stage prospect and we’ve only just begun to define it.

“This is one of several targets we’re looking at in that belt. I think we have 8,000 or 9,000 feet of drilling planned to follow-up on the first round for this particular target. So we will be doing a bit more drilling there.”

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