Saturday 20th October 2018

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Harte President/CEO Stephen Roman on Ontario assays of 9.5 g/t gold over 7.5 m

“The most important thing that people need to focus on is the geophysics that we completed and interpreted, and this major structural feature we have on the property—this synform structure—which we’re now just starting to explore. We’ve touched maybe 5% or 10% of the property at this point. We have the Sugar Zone Deposit which is, of course, a reasonably significant deposit, currently at 400,000 ounces gold and growing. The Wolf Zone is the first IP target that we drilled, and we discovered a new mineralized system. So we expect, now that we know that IP works on the property and is capable of discovering gold mineralization, that we’re going to be doing more of that on the property along that big structure.

“It’s early days. We only took over as operator effectively this summer. So now the plan is to get in there with the rigs on a steady basis. We’ve got a new contract with Orbit Drilling—they’re mobilizing their rigs towards the end of this month and will start to drill in February. The plan is, right off the bat in February, to do infill and expansion drilling on the Sugar Zone Deposit. We have a hole down at 600 metres that’s still in the zone, so there’s potential for a fairly significant upgrade in the resource there. We’ll be drilling that one to move our inferred resource into measured and indicated so we can complete our feasibility study to put it into production.

“As the first IP target we drilled, we’re very pleased with these results. We’ve had some significant hits on those holes. But we only drilled 28 holes, so we need to do a lot more drilling.”

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