Sunday 18th November 2018

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Pelangio VP Corporate Development Brendan Cahill on assays of 1.11 g/t gold over 43 metres

“We picked up the Manfo Property in early August of this year. For the first phase program we focussed on four geochemical targets and had discoveries on each one of them. Nfante West, Pokukrom West, Pokukrom East, and Nfante East. The geology is similar with these targets, but the grades we’re encountering are slightly different. Nfante West was the first target we drilled in the the first phase program and the first hole gave us 1.5 g/t over 61 metres—a really good result. Exactly what we’d been expecting to hit in Ghana. Some of the later targets yielded some really high grade and interesting results as well. Pokukrom West in particular. But that target is about 5 kilometres away from Nfante West.

“Our second phase program—which is going to be about 5000 metres—is going on now. The first target we drilled went back to Nfante West. We released three holes from that target today and hit more of exactly the kind of grades we’d been expecting from the target and that we are expecting from the entire property: near surface, with broad intervals of relatively low grade. Definitely mineable and what you’d expect in Ghana.

“So we’re really pleased with the results today. They’re exactly what we expect from this target. And we continue to prove it up towards a potential bulk tonnage deposit.”

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