Saturday 17th November 2018

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Almaden President/CEO Morgan Poliquin on assays of 0.86 g/t gold and 61.7 g/t silver over 126.2 m

“The Ixtaca Zone is something we discovered and own 100%. These assay results are important because they demonstrate that this 100-metre step-out is starting to demonstrate some scale to the zones we discovered earlier this year.

“We’re technical people that are running this company, not promoters. So we’re pretty sensitive to technical matters. In addition to being the CEO, I myself found the property, and did the initial work on it. I’m also the project QP. We are therefore trying to prudently, cautiously and sensibly explore this as geological engineers.

“Certainly we’re pleased with the results—everyone has high expectations. But it’s early days on the project. Expectations are high when you drill a good hole like that, but we’re trying to do things prudently in terms of trying to figure out what we have.”

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