Saturday 17th November 2018

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Red Pine President/CEO Kirk McKinnon on gold assays of 4.05 g/t over 35 m

“This drilling was intended to test the geology of the Michelle zone structure. There are two other significant structures in the area, and we think this is an emerging large system. We spent considerable time looking at it; the airborne and ground geophysics that we’ve done allowed us to target specific areas. We see this as a broad area that has a gold system of consequence. And more importantly, our consulting geologist Haydn Butler—who really knows this area—has interpreted our geological structures to parallel the Timmins camp. Which we quite like. He thinks we have the potential already to have two ore bodies.

“I’m pleased with the assay results. They’re all showing some gold in them. We think we can replicate this in a number of areas based on what we’re seeing and on the historical data. For us, this really is the initial confirmation of gold. And gold’s the thing these days. We know we have to go in and prove it, but we’ve certainly got all the right geology. And it looks like this thing can get some traction.

“But you don’t want to just rush out and flip some drill holes though. It’s more important from our perspective to identify something that has some size, because if these things are going to evolve into mines—and we’re a long way from there yet—but if we’re going to get there, then investors want to see an opportunity of size. And that’s what we’re doing now, and that’s what we see unfolding.”

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