Wednesday 20th February 2019

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CEO/Director Ronald Shorr on gold assays as high as 453.5 g/t over 0.5m

“Our mantra is: High grade gold in Quebec. Quebec being consistently voted the best place in the world to explore for hard rock minerals. We have a recent 43-101 resource that shows 1.2 million ounces at high end grades both in the open pit and underground categories. In 1965 we had one drill, now we have four operating around the clock every week of the year except Christmas. We have a wonderful infrastructure. We’re located on a highway, next to a logging town, so the roads are well-maintained. And probably our best advantage is that Maudore is on track with the lowest cost power in North America—the James Bay power project.

“These are the best assays we’ve had for a single hole since this company was revived out of a five year coma. It’s a 453.5 g/t hole which is over $60,000 worth of gold per tonne. We had 25 holes compiled in this release and eight of them ran to grades of over 49 g/t. So it’s a deposit that has consistently come up with high grade. These 25 holes are spread in many different ways over the property and offer the opportunity to greatly enhance the resource base, and quite possibly increase the depth potential of the open pit so we’ll have a lot more than 500,000 ounces in that category.

“We coudn’t be happier. Maudore has really rung the bell with this release, and I must say that prior releases were very good too. And the stock made a new all-time high today!”

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